2006 Collection


Plane jets across the sky.
The rays from the sun glisten in my eyes.
But all I can focus on is your lips against mine.
Pull away and smile.
And I still can’t believe when I open my eyes.
That it’s you I see on the other side.
Let’s just stay here for a while.
Your arms around me.
We’ll pretend for a moment there’s no world outside.
It’s just you and me.
And it’s all I can do just to breathe.



On my way to where you’ll be. I’m trying to remember you. It’s been so long since last we met. Your face to me now is nine letters long. Ringing recognition seven nights a week. Overjoyed to recall again what each letter is for your face. Blue eyes. Smiling lips. The smell of your skin. Sandpaper chin. Hold it close to my cheek so I’ll never forget. I saw you on a late Friday night. Woke up with you on Saturday morning. Spelled messages on your neck with my fingertips. So you’ll never forget exactly what you mean to me. You kissed me on a Sunday, and told me you loved me. What better day than on the Lord’s? And I smile inside because I know it’s so right for those words to leave your mouth and find it’s way to my waiting heart. I remember now each letter of your face. Blue eyes. Smiling lips. The smell of your skin. Sandpaper chin. And a heart that loves me so.



Thank you God

For the moon

I remember now

How beautiful it can be

It draws so near

Close enough to touch

I’ll reach my hand out to it


Lights around me fade

And noises quickly dim

Silence stills

No light

Save for the moon

And I gaze

In somber awe

And I wonder

How long until

I see the moon again?

Thank you for visiting my online writing profile. My husband, Ian, and I also have a collaborative recipe blog where we share how we make the things we love to eat! If you'd like to take a gander, please visit it at: ianalexiscook.food.blog

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