2011 Collection

‘Forgotten String of Pearls’ (Unfinished)

There was a man from Ireland who had white pearls on string.
As a boy, he was employed, to hold on to them tight.
For if he did, he could be sure, they’d lead him to the Light.

He came upon a man one day who saw these pearls so white.
Who told him quite a telling tale which gave him quite a fright.
He threw his pearls, now lacking luster, to the sea with all his might.

Then came Joaquin, from Argentine, strolling upon the sand.



From North to South
Like herds of elephants
They remember the lost
And stand in the place
Where old bones lay
Ten years now fading them
To a chalky white
Tears falling
More copious than
The water endlessly filling
A now gaping hole
Where once stood
A symbol of us.


Thank you for visiting my online writing profile. My husband, Ian, and I also have a collaborative recipe blog where we share how we make the things we love to eat! If you'd like to take a gander, please visit it at: ianalexiscook.food.blog

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