2014 Collection

01/10/2014 (Unfinished)

When the devil’s at your door
Pray the Lord will see it through



We’re all like elephants
Returning to the ash
Of memories long forgotten
Burned away in the inferno

As we walk familiar paths
See the dust rise from the grave
Of where we lived long ago
Where our heads would lay


08/07/2014 (Unfinished)

When the promise of our love was new
When each word we spoke rang with the truth
Our commitment strong, we sang this song:
“Wherever you go, I’ll go with you.”



Once you were a little mouse
And while I sang you to sleep
I wrapped you in warm blankets
To safely keep, to safely keep

Then you were a little boy
Who nestled against my cheek
I held you close, nestled in my bed
To soundly sleep, to soundly sleep

Soon you became a young man
And you started a new trail
I watched you walk, further ahead
To pass or fail, to pass or fail

Now you are a tall, strong man
Who left me alone and frail
Who moved too far away from me
To hear me wail, to hear me wail


Thank you for visiting my online writing profile. My husband, Ian, and I also have a collaborative recipe blog where we share how we make the things we love to eat! If you'd like to take a gander, please visit it at: ianalexiscook.food.blog

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