2016 Collection

04/05/2016 (Unfinished)

Don’t be afraid to cross your door
Or even more to open for
The wearied, the forgotten lonesome ones
Don’t be the kind to walk on by
Like the priests and Levites who left him to die
And say you are a true Samaritan

I see beautiful people everywhere I go
I see beautiful people everywhere I go



You loathsome silkworm!
Hanging strings of pearls
In dark places
A ruse, you beast!
If I grab hold
There is no escape
I am trapped
As you pull me up
Fully aware
That when we finally meet eyes
I will see my death.
And you will be sated



If I could wish for my end
It would be here upon this rock
Where I could watch these creatures
Wander among the stones
With nothing to hear but howling winds
So loud they drown out everything
Consciousness replaced with silent peace

Oh God, let this be the end
Let this be what it is for me
Gazing out upon the moor
Where time’s untimely death
Coincides with my own
And rushing winds relinquish me
From the prison of my thoughts
From the cages in my mind
Where I can finally rest
Alone, upon this rock
At peace, forevermore


07/20/2016 (Unfinished)

There is nothing here
Nothing here but ghosts
With stories to tell
Some polished
Adorned with fresh earth
And new pots of roses
Some forlorn
With weeds overgrown
And etchings fading from thick stones

No, there is nothing here
Nothing here but these ghosts
Though they are not to blame
For what has happened
For what will come
No, these ghosts are not to blame
They are not the ones who can hurt


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